David Lavoie: Diligent, Hard Working Representative

by LeBrun for State Rep on June 19, 2012

If ever Nashua ward 5 had a representative working for them it is this guy. Don LeBrun works diligently to promote Health Care, Veterans Affairs and public services in and around Nashua. He has fought for bills cocerning police, firemen and Teachers. He serves on Health, Human Services and Elderly Affairs. He has a 100% attendance record both in committee and House sessions. He has cast a vote on every bill presented to the House for the past 2 years. That is the kind of record a Representative can be proud of. Far too many Reps. do not show up once elected thus denying their constituents the service they elected them for. Nashua has a fine Representative in Don LeBrun and would do themselves well to send him back to Concord for another term. Don is always avaialable to Nashua as he publishes all of his contact information for all to contact him.  Don is also on the committee to study Home Owner Associations. This is a voluntary committee that takes place during the otherwise recess time. Don continues to work full time.

David Lavoie


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