About Don

I am a veteran. I believe in the principles this country was founded upon by the founding fathers. I believe in the Constitution and the liberties it provides for us.

I am a member of the VFW, Elks, American Legion and the AHEPA. The AHEPA’s most recent accomplishment is a low-income, elderly home in Nashua on W. Hollis Street. I was recently elected to a fifth term as President of the local chapter and second term as District Lt. Governor. I am a lifetime member of the Korean War Veterans Association.

I have volunteered for the American Red Cross in many areas for 50 years. I was given a service award here in Nashua at the State House in 2008. I have been a small business owner for many years prior to retiring in 1995.  As of this time I have donated 24 gallons of blood. My goal is is to give 25 gallons. That will equal 200 pints. Please consider giving if you are eligible as there is always a need for donors.