Rep. Pam Tucker: An Active and Respected Member

by LeBrun for State Rep on July 1, 2012

I have known Don LeBrun since 2008 when he was first elected to the NH house. As a fellow Representative and current House Deputy Speaker, I have had the opportunity to both work with Don and also provide him with guidance to become an effective Representative over the last two years.

Don has been an active and respected member of the NH House. Don’s participation is not limited to his assigned committee. He has demonstrated a strong work ethic and is dedicated to promoting the solid principles of the Republican platform. He has worked well with the house Leadership and his hard work has given us proven results. Don maintains a strong connection with his colleagues, working both for them and with them on a variety of issues.

Don’s excellent organization and rapport with all representatives has served both the House and himself well. He continues to utilize these skills and is an asset to House Leadership.

–Rep. Pam Tucker
House Deputy Speaker
NH House of Representatives

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Rep. Kevin Avard: Passion, Public Service at the Forefront

by LeBrun for State Rep on July 1, 2012

Rep. Don LeBrun has been a pleasure to work with at the Capitol. It is clear his passion and love of the New Hampshire constitution as well as public service are at the forefront of his work ethic and convictions. Although he is not shy about taking on controversial issues, he has shown true statesmanship as well as an ability to listen to reason. Nashua Ward 5 has done well in voting for this public servant and I would recommend to the voters in his ward to re-elect Don LeBrun for another term in Concord.

–Rep. Kevin Avard


Marcia Kostoulakos: RE-ELECT DON LEBRUN

June 19, 2012

Don is a true public servant. He works very hard to serve the people of New Hampshire. He has a particular interest in making sure the people in need of health care can recieve those services. He is interested in care for the elderly and disabled. His record shows he works to see that our […]

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David Lavoie: Diligent, Hard Working Representative

June 19, 2012

If ever Nashua ward 5 had a representative working for them it is this guy. Don LeBrun works diligently to promote Health Care, Veterans Affairs and public services in and around Nashua. He has fought for bills cocerning police, firemen and Teachers. He serves on Health, Human Services and Elderly Affairs. He has a 100% […]

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